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We have a PODCAST! | An Introduction.

Updated: Feb 18, 2020


Season One | An Introduction


Hey there!

Here we are! We have officially launched our podcast, and I am so excited to have this space to share freely and consistently with you. Here I will share some of the most inspiring stories I have been impacted by while focusing on the words and conversations we have with young people. This is the heart of my business where I can share what is most important... making lasting impressions on each other. That is always personal, regardless of how professional the setting and venue. This is something that I believe everyone can benefit from. Still, it is wildly relevant to the professional content we are releasing for educators at Revolve Learning.

I want to celebrate and acknowledge the fact that we are all educators in our own right. This is truly for ANYONE with a child in their life. Of course, we are going to add an additional spin on this for school educators as well, because well... that's what Revolve Learning does. Anything positive that is happening at home, in communities, in churches, at auntie or uncle’s house should very well translate into the classroom. That is indeed where young people spend most of their time.


So, I was thinking… and I have been teaching for over a decade and a half, it CRAZY… but the best part about it all is that there is always more to explore. I still absolutely love that light bulb moment —where my eyes get wide, and I go “wow…. I actually never thought of that in that way before…” (🤯🤯🤯) on the flip side, I’ve seen lightbulbs going off in classrooms full of my students… and my son Zaire…in true child fashion—is full of “Guess Whats? Did You Knows? and Whys?” never-ending whys?… I love it!

But if I'm really honest, nothing gives me that warm feeling and sense of connection more than my son Zaire. In our one-on-one conversations where he just did something, I take just a minute to sit him down and explain to him the traits that he just showcased. I celebrate when he brings home excellent grades or does great in a sporting event, but when he is compassionate, considerate, generous, or showing his integrity. I make sure he knows those words as well. Just so one day, he has that embedded in his identity alongside all his other growing interests.

That is part of what inspired this podcast. Since becoming a mom and after teaching in the classroom, coaching, and consulting, I launched my business Revolve Learning for the teachers that almost quit like I once came very close to doing. Actually several times… really because of one thing that I was never taught that I really needed to know— There is nothing more powerful than relationships. Believe it or not, even science backs that up.

We are starting here; to be true to what I have learned is most important, professionally, and personally… because this is what it is all about…getting to the root of it all ….building strong foundations, and sharing ideas that will help us make connections and learn from each other in positive and impactful ways. My hope is that it inspires us to be more mindful and intentional about the words we use with kids and the conversations we have with them.

I want to create the space for you, the teachers, parents, uncles, aunties, grandmas, grandpas, big bro, big sis…whoever you identify with when you have the opportunity to influence young people. Each episode this season, we are going to briefly unpack one word, tell some stories, share some insight, and just reflect on how we can use and teach that word for it to be a vehicle of inspiration in the lives of those that look up to us (our students, our sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, name it).

I challenge you to be creative with your words! Listen in each week… and take the time to pause for a minute and teach a child the deeper meaning behind their actions with words they may not have considered or ever heard applied to them… we are building that positive vocabulary for them to describe themselves beyond the surface when they get older. WE AREN’T leaving it up to anyone else to label or define the kids we love.

One person can change the entire life and mindset of a child regardless of their environment.

Be that strong oak…a trusting dependable place… for a child to be a child but also learn about the enormous potential they possess for the future.

I would love it if you help with the harvest by sharing our episodes with colleagues, peers, friends, family…

Let’s talk about it… plant this seed… and watch it grow…

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