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Season TWO of Rootwords | The Podcast is BACK!

Hey community, Joscelyn here! ROOTWORDS | The Podcast IS BACK! Let's have some fun. Discover some new ideas and concepts. Plant those seeds for the future and figure out how to nurture relationships with our kids and students, keeping the bigger picture in mind. We don't teach students for the classroom... we teach them for when they leave it. We don't parent kids for the home... but to leave it. Rootwords is here to help you have those conversations required to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities they are guaranteed in the spaces they choose to grow up and occupy. So let's do this together—one word at a time.

There are a few changes for season two. We are doing 10 concepts in 10 episodes. We're doing one for each of those concepts instead of a separate educator edition because what's good for educators to do with kids is also great for parents and guardians, aunties and uncles, whoever has kids in their lives. We are a team!

Every episode will still come with a Questions to Connections guide that can help you lead those conversations with yourself and with the young people in your life. Between the two seasons, we did an amazing IG Live series called The Rewind with some amazing guests that came and added all of their brilliance and expertise to our season one words. Make sure you go check that out. They are posted on all of our platforms. You can go to our YouTube channel, search Revolve Learning, or Instagram @revolvelearning. You better believe we are going to run it back again with The Rewind at the end of this season. I got to get connected to my people.

Psst--- There's a very special guest joining me at the end of every episode this season. You are going to love this. I promise you. It's great. Catch you on the flip side. Let's do it!

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